Hair Products

Hair Salon Bath

Vizion Hair Salon in Bath only ever use specialist hair products from leading brands such as  OLaplex Tigi, WellA, Nano Keratin . We believe that by using quality products then we will be able to achieve better results for our clients meaning that they will leave us with their hair feeling in optimum condition.

The Tigi Bedhead and Tigi Catwalk ranges are professional in-salon brands which have been created to cater to all hair types, including a wide variety of custom products for volume, colour care and smoothing frizz amongst other specialist hair types and conditions.

We now also offer Tigi sos extreme recovery treatments, proven to repair internal damage and return hair back to its virgin strength in just 5 minutes! It contains 100 times more keratin than just using shampoo and conditioner!

Hair Products Bath

Orofluido Hair Elixir is a luxury treatment for all hair types which is particularly beneficial for hair which has been damaged by heat, styling or colouring. We consider Orofluido to be much more effective than other well known hair oil treatments such as Moroccan Oil as it leaves hair smooth, shiny and nourished without ever feeling overly greasy or weighed down.

Vizion are also proud to be one of the few hair salons in Bath to offer the Nanokeratin hair smoothing system. Nanokeratin is a specialist version of the popular ‘Brazilian Blow Dry’ hair treatment which can leave hair smooth and shiny for up to 3 months, reducing the amount of time taken to both dry and style your hair. The Brazilian Blow Dry treatment has risen in popularity dramatically over the past year due to the amount of coverage it has recieved in the media and the many celebrity users who have endorsed it. Read more on the Nanokeratin Brazilian Blow Dry here.