Brazilian blowdry

Brazilian Blow Dry.

As a relatively new technology, there are not yet very many salons able to offer the Brazilian Blow Dry in Bath. Vizion Hair in Bath city centre are experts in the Nanokeratin ‘Brazilian Blow Dry’ hair repair treatment.

The Nanokeratin System is a specialist hair smoothing treatment designed to straighten and repair damaged hair. It can improve the feel and condition of your hair dramatically and the results will last up to 3 months when hair is cared for using the correct maintenance products.

Also known in magazines as a ‘Brazilian Blow Dry’ treatment, the system uses a specially developed keratin technology which leaves hair straighter, softer, healthier and much easier to manage. Whilst a Brazilian Blow Dry will not maker your hair permanently poker straight, it will make it noticeably smoother, taking tight curls down to loose waves and eliminating frizz.

The results are immediate however they will gradually wear off over time and therefore you may need to have the process repeated after 12 weeks or so. If you would like to book a Brazilian Blow Dry in Bath, please make an appointment for a consultation with one of our experienced stylists.


Nano-keratin is the term for minuscule nano-molecules of keratin. These molecules are so small that literally millions of them can be gathered onto one pin head. Being so small enables the tiny keratin molecules to fully penetrate the hair, repairing it from within, rather than simply coating it from the outside.

Hair will be washed and dried using the specialist Nano-keratin shampoo before the first solution is carefully painted onto your hair. This will be left on for a period of time before being blow dried into the hair. Finally the hair will be straightened with hot irons to fully infuse the Nano-keratin into the hair and fix it in place.

Unlike perming or other chemical straightening treatments, the Nano-keratin system does not permanently alter the bonds of the hair. Instead it infuses nano molecules of keratin- the main protein that makes up human hair- into the hair shaft, coating and filling in any fissures and breakages. The system is suitable for all hair types including hair damaged by bleaching, colouring and heat styling. In fact damaged hair stands to benefit more from the treatment than virgin hair as the keratin molecules will be better able to penetrate into the damage in the cuticle.

To find out more about a Brazilian Blow Dry in Bath call Vizion Salon today on 01225 446216.

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